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Didn't know

posted Apr 08, 2018 17:44:55 by TonyBennett
I have had this pain since I was a little kid. Always though it was my heart. Now I am 37 and it is annoying. Yesterday I keeper having problems wife wanted me to go to doctor. I tried to explain to her the feeling and said you know you have had that right. To her to answer no never. I might have it a few times a day on a bad day. Yesterday tell I would force through the popping pain it would just linger. I bet I popped 10 times yesterday. Today my whole left side sturnem to ribs feels bruised. I have also had 2 this morning already. Just nice to see it is something I always thought it was some chunk working it's way through my heart. My family has high heart attacks at a early age I just thought it was ticking for my time.
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