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sometimes i experience the pain at my back

posted Jul 01, 2017 15:01:42 by ThinkTieng
just recently that i browse the internet and found out my pain is a precordial catch syndrome, more convincing when im having my episode and i just twist my torso to the right - as mention in the forum, and it works! im so happy about it, as i have try to solve my pain by pressing it hard with my thumb and sometimes even pounding with my fist. tried to take deep breath and expand my lung too but it never go away.
from dull to sharp pain, i have experienced it.
hate it if sharp pain when im driving, have to make a stop and wait for it to go away.
i remember around 10 years ago, one sharp pain episode, i cant breathe in as the pain is too much. i went lying on my bed
and it was too painful to breathe in even the very small amount,breathing out is fine though. i thought that i was going to die as i ran out of breath. worst when the pain suddenly felt at my back too, feel like i was pierce through from the front through the back. was crying and was frighten. i think that was my worst period.
pain at the back still happen sometimes.
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