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Had it as a kid and the frequency has increased dramatically in the late 30's

posted Oct 07, 2016 07:42:11 by AlexisMohr
As a kid I frequently had what I now know to be PCS. I remember trying to describe it to my parents as my lungs sticking to my ribs. No one ever took me seriously. The feeling is exactly as described on this website. The pain happens suddenly and only stops once the popping sensation occurs.
I went on throughout my life to have this painful sensation occasionally. Now at 38 years old the condition has returned and it is worse than ever. I feared a heart condition so I was relieved to find this website. All of the symptoms of PCS described here match mine exactly.
After 30 years of being told this was in my head, I am now finding out that I had a real condition. My journey with PCS has just begun. I am thankful that PCS is not known to be dangerous but I would like some answers. If there is anyone out there with any input on my personal experience, I welcome all the help I can get. Thank you.
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