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My PCS Experience

posted Jul 21, 2016 20:27:47 by GraceO'Brien
UGH! Just had a PCS attack while reading through this site... LOL. I have had this since I was a child. I had open heart surgery when I was a baby and saw the cardiologist until I was completely better and there was no trace of my surgery. I always thought this pain had something to do with my heart and lately I have been finding it getting increasingly worse- I have had more frequent attacks this past month. So annoying. I started freaking out about it and called my mom, who sent me a PCS link and told me that my doctor had diagnosed me with this as a child. Oops, I guess I had forgotten about that. Reading this site has helped a lot but when the pains come on, they are scary! And they hurt! Even though I know this won't kill me sometimes I feel like I'll die or something right after. The pains can be SHARP and pop up out of nowhere. Blah. I am curious to know if there are any predispositions to this, because I wonder how it could just randomly happen. So weird! I'm glad to know there is an actual name for this and others go through it as well. Take care! :)
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