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PCS and Pulmonary embolism related ?

posted Nov 25, 2015 19:54:21 by FrancoisDupuis
I'm 27, I have PCS for years. 1-10 per mounth or so. The duration of a PCS can vary from 5s to several minutes. The pain prevent me from taking a full breath, triggering pinch-like pain in the chest.

Two mounths ago I had a pulmonary embolism, which has excatly the same symptons, except that instead of preventing your from taking a full breath, it stuck your breath a lot lower, like < 40%.
The pain, if I remember correctly, was a lot alike the PCS one.
After the PE, I had a lot of PCS, more than usual, like 4-5 a day. (Maybe I was over-caring ? And so noticed ones I wouldn't notice usually ? Don't think so, but I can't be 100% sure). So it maybe related to it, or the the medecines I was taking (

Could the PCS be due to blood clot getting suck into the lung veins like the PE ?

And if the PCS is not related to PE at all, I prefer to warn people having PCS that IF YOU HAVE REALLY TOO MUCH TROUBLE BREATHING, IT MAYBE A PULMONARY EMBOLISM and not your usual PCS, and may need medical attention. In my experience, both are hard to differentiate.

About me :
27 years old,
1.92 meter
69 kg

I eat a bit fat and salty.
Used to drink a lot of CocaCola before the PE
Very irregular sleep
I'm a smoker
Don't do any physical exercise.
Experienced a PE, with only a superficial thrombosis found at the left ankle.
There was than usual PE in my family.
I'm from France

The pain is often located in the same spot lately : half way between the heart and the left side. But I think i experienced at many other spots in the past.

Not any doctor seem to know about it, when I talk about my chest pain.
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