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I didn't know...

posted Jan 25, 2014 02:32:06 by Valerie Lopez
I believe the first time I had a symptom of PCS was probably around the time that I was 10-12. It felt like a sharp stab through my heart when ever I breathed. When this happened, I literally froze in the moment, and I was aware of everything around me (As though my senses heightened) And I had to take short and slow breaths. When I thought it was over, I took a deep breath and my heart cracked as though it was my knuckles. It honestly freaked me out. This only happened 1-3 times every six months. For the longest time I thought I had some strange heart disease. One day, I talked to my parents about it, and they just waved it away saying if I had something wrong with me the doctor would have said something when I got checked up. I was still convinced that I had some heart disease and would die of a heart attack soon. I do agree that it isn't completely physical, it can be mental too. Due to these "episodes", I normally have a panic attack afterwards- that is until I learned what it was called - PCS, and that there was a forum where people shared their stories. Due to this, I no longer have panic attacks, which proves to me part of PCS is psychological.
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