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Precordial catch syndrome for me

posted Sep 22, 2013 22:36:31 by kmccmusic
I have had this on and off since I was 14 years old. It has never happened when I was still! I was always in the middle of doing something. I mentioned it to my doctor and was told it was indigestion, and being 14, I had never experienced indigestion, but knew that my parents had and relieved that through burping and getting rid of gas, which was never the answer for what happened to me. I just thought to look this up online and discovered what I actually have had and experienced on and off for the past 34 years!!! I just wonder if it's genetic. My son doesn't seem to have any symptoms and neither does anyone else in my family. In reading different info., I know that they were looking for correlations to other heart defects. I was born with a hole in the heart, but was told that it healed itself when I was 10, and the PCS didn't begin until 4 years after that. Anyway, as I said, it's never really happened while I've been still. As I've aged, the episodes are less frequent. I did go a stretch of about 2 years without any occurrences, but had one about a month ago. As I'm always standing or moving, I have found that I have to freeze my position, stop breathing for a count of 3 and then take shallow breaths, slowly exhaling. It usually stops within 2 minutes. Most alarming was when it happened once while I was teaching and I could only stand there frozen in place waiting for it to subside. Ironically, I use the same breathing technique to relieve the hiccups when I get them, which is VERY RARELY, but those always happen when I sit up from bed first thing in the morning, before I've stood up or had anything to eat or drink and they are always sharp and painful and the pain is very similar to that of my PCS episodes in miniature with sharp bursts attacking the left side of my chest.
Does anyone else experience it like this???
I was very relieved to come upon all of this info. and to find out that I have a real condition that others share.
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edward.hinds said Oct 11, 2013 23:43:05
I have not had any experiences shortly after waking up. Its interesting to learn how different doctors analyze what they think it is. I think my doctor thinks im making it all up. I don't even feel comfortable enough to tell him that I found information matching my condition online. Interesting to read your story. Thanks for sharing.
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