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Had this since I was 8 years old!!!

posted Jul 22, 2013 09:50:12 by HannahLePage
So glad to have found this site with fellow suffers, as nobody has any idea what I'm talking about when I mention it to them.

I've had this ever since I was a little girl, from being about 8 years old til now (I'm 23 now so 15 years) I get an intense sharp pain in my ribs, under my left breast and sometimes in my armpit as well. It comes on extremely suddenly and all I can do is sit still and breathe shallowly until it goes. I remember being a child and laying flat on the floor or with a cushion pressed against my chest to relieve it, as I found pressure on the area helped. Went to doctors when I was younger and they found nothing and dismissed it as "growing pains" so I never had any clue what it was until I googled my symptoms a few years ago and came across PCS, which describes exactly what I've been having.

I'm having a very bad episode at the moment which has lasted 3 days, yesterday I went to A&E at the hospital as it was so bad and had an ECG, chest x ray etc but the doctors found nothing. It's so frustrating, painkillers seem to do nothing to help either it's just something you have to put up with!

And interesting thing is that I've always suffered with anxiety which is something that's common among many PCS suffers so I think there's a correlation for sure, perhaps related to hyperventilation when one is anxious.

This is one of the worst attacks I've had, I can't breathe in without excruciating stabbing pain in my ribs. It's no fun!
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