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Scared the Hell out of me!

posted Nov 15, 2012 19:22:14 by MoriLaChappelle
I didn't know what was happening, thought I was having a heart attack! Glad to find this page. I have been having episodes for a few months now, never as a kid, I'm 55 now and generally in pretty good shape. I haven't read where anyone else has mentioned sweating during an episode? My pain lasts about 4 minutes and during that time I become completely soaked and then like the rest of you my pain subsides and I again return to a dry state. I am going to a Dr. today to get his prognosis and let him know my personal diagnosis, will keep you posted. Thanks.
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DonnaBernsteinCessor said Dec 12, 2015 15:08:20

I am glad I found a full fledged adult on this page. I am a 57 year old female. I just had my first episode of what appears to be this syndrome a week ago and then another yesterday. I thought the first was a fluke, but after the second I went to Urgent Care to make sure it wasn't my heart. The doc assured me it wasn't and diagnosed Pleurisy. However those symptoms didn't match mine so I went online to see what I could find and found this. The symptoms matched perfectly.

I was sitting on the couch and suddenly had a severe(8/10) stabbing pain just below my left breast. It hurt to breathe and I couldn't move. I just sat an breathed slowly for about 10 minutes and the pain finally subsided. Any movement made the pain worse. The second episode was similar in nature.

I was wondering if the doctor gave you this diagnosis and if you are continuing to have episodes. It seems to be an adolescent condition so I am not sure why I am having it now. I am concerned about suddenly having an attack while at work or driving a car.

I hope you are doing well.
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