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Question muscle between chest and arm pit

posted Aug 28, 2011 20:10:42 by gardenplant
This is going to sound crude at first but bare with me. Recently I used two fingers to press down and massage the muscles and ligaments running along the ridge of my chest towards my arm pit and felt a huge movement of nerves right where I get the pain for PCS near the middle of my chest. Anatomically the area is halfway between the nipple and arm pit.

Have you tried this? Just try and massage and manipulate that area and side of the chest that runs up to your arm pit. (Another way to find the muscles / ligaments is to start from your armpit (at the very front, The corner between your chest and shoulder) and feel around for the ligaments, once you've found them work your way down along (physically pressing down with your fingers causing them to move with the force of your fingers) them getting nearer to the centre of your chest. Could these be the muscles / ligaments we feel the pain in and not our hearts?
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Halee said Apr 24, 2013 14:31:13
I too have had the pain under my arms. I have tried this and haven't felt the muscles/ligaments move but by researching this pain I have found a syndrome called Costochondritis, which is one of the symptoms that manifest with a benign swelling of the costal cartilage that is a length of cartilage which connects every rib except the 11 and 12 rib to the breastbone. Costochondritis cause pain in the chest that can be reproduced by pushing on the affected area between the ribs.People with costochondritis often complain of “chest pain,” or pain with breathing, coughing, or laughing. The pain gets worse if we apply gentle pressure to the front of the chest. The soreness often comes on a few days after a person has had a viral infection like a cold or the flu. Other people develop costochondritis after minor trauma. Most of the time, however, there is no obvious cause.There is really no part of costochondritis or PCS that should cause concern. The only real worry is that sometimes what seemed like costochondritis or PCS turns out to be something more serious. The following are signs of more concerning illness:
-Chest pain that extends into the left side of the jaw or arm
-Chest pain that a person describes as a “heavy” feeling
-Pain that does not improve at least a little after 24 hours of regular doses of ibuprofen
-Cough, especially a cough that produces phlegm (“flem,” or “flame”)
-Extreme anxiety with the pain or a feeling of “impending doom”
-Blueness or paleness of the lips or fingernails
-An irregular, rapid, or pounding heart rate
-Marked difficulty breathing or catching one’s breath (different from mild pain with breathing)If any of these occur you should probably call the doctor and get it checked out.
I have also had pneumonia recently and I have asthma.
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