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I feel so much better now...

posted May 09, 2011 22:31:39 by Mark Ewell
I have suffered from what is apparently PCS for as long as I can remember. I'm 38 and it's been probably 30 years. What I mainly remember about it from when I was younger is that it went away quickly and completely, and even though I always worried it was some kind of heart problem, I was always afraid to mention it to my parents or doctor for fear it would end up being something bad.

Even when I got older I never mentioned it to anyone. I occasionally thought about it, but had basically the same fear that it could be bad and there would be nothing I could do. I'm in great shape, eat well, etc., and live a very active lifestyle so I didn't want to end up with something that could limit my activities.

Even when health information became widely available on the Internet I never tried to look it up.

Finally today, I had a particularly bad episode. It seemed to last for almost two minutes, which is an eternity for such a sharp pain. I was beginning to debate if I should call someone when it finally passed. I had made it back to my desk so I googled "sharp chest pain" and immediately found the answer.

This happens to me several times a year and I am so relieved it is benign.
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