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Thank you for starting this site. About 6 hours ago I had the sharp pain without a

posted Mar 23, 2011 10:52:29 by talula12
now I feel understood. This describes so much I have experienced as well. My episodes are accompanied with burping. Lots of burping. I cant seem to understand how this can be related. Except both seem to involve air bubbles. Also the seeking out nerve locations...I tend to notice a sore tendon thing On the left side of my body on the rib cage. I have not
read all the posts here, but I will continue to and then start
analyzing more with the group. Funny just about an hour ago. I
sat here feeling a bit better to have finally heard a name for
these symptoms, but kept seeing research from 1955, or 1979.
Great to have current case studies happening on the web.Ok. So
my history. First time ever happened I was slouching on an old
couch after eating. Sharp pain caused me to jump up and stop
and stand still taking shallow breaths for a few
minutes...calmed myself,even tho heart raced. Burped all night
long after. Second occurrence during chest expanding moves in a
tai chi class. Since then every few months sometimes more than
once a week...something brings it on. I have associated the
pain or onsets with heartburn, hunger,constipation,weather
change( air pressure, (which makes more sense than ever after
what I have read tonight), anxiety,posture,tension. Though it
does often occur when resting, a handful of times it has woken
me up from deep sleep, straight up fully awake sitting and
breathing shallow. A few times I thought it happened after
naturally waking up eating some cereal then laying back down. I
am still not totally sure I have pcs,only because my
experience has so often seemed related to food. Though the
location described is exact.
Yes exactly, this seemed so weird. And the sharp pain similarly
lasts just a few seconds to minutes...then a dull pain like
all the others. So this was quite a rant. Thanks again for the
site;) just realized i should add, I do burp a lot all the time even when not experiences any CPS symptoms...but when I do have the post CPS symptoms I notice how good or necessary the burping

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gardenplant said Aug 28, 2011 22:36:18
Hi, sorry it's taken so long for me to read and reply to your post. If your not sure wether you have PCS then neither am I sure that I have it, because everything you've typed has happened to me too :).

I've updated my questionnaire because I really do feel you've got a couple of things spot on! Namely there could be trapped wind somewhere in our intestines which gets really narrow at that point in our chests. I also get apprehensive sometimes with my food portions and have really small portions on those days where I can kind of sense it coming on or have just had an episode because large mouthfuls feel uncomfortable going down sometimes. Secondly I agree that nerves are likely to play a part too. I've written a piece in another post describing moving muscles under my skin in my chest which subsequently moved nerves and ligaments? at the VERY point I get pain near my heart in my chest.

Hope all is well with you now.
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