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Chest pain

posted Feb 25, 2011 22:37:47 by EmilyHere
Ever since I was little I have had sharp pains in my chest; taking short shallow breaths until it either went away or I would take a very deep breath and feel an excruciating but quick pop or rip in my lung-area. This bizarre problem was difficult to explain to friends, family, employers, and anyone in the vicinity when it happened. I would get varying predictions on "what it really was" (it's asthma, anxiety attack, heart attack, heart palpitations, pneumonia, or it's all in your head) but none of those made any sense, and my doctor told me I would be fine.
Recently I had a colleague encouraging me to see another doctor (and get told, again, that I'm fine - which I knew I was). So I decided to try looking up the symptoms, again.
Searching for chest pain on the internet has never gotten me any luck before, lots of heart attack studies. But yesterday I found a page that linked eventually to a page that said "precordial catch syndrome"

I felt like crying. I don't think this problem has defined my life or inconvenienced me in any major way - it sucks and it's awkward - but to know that someone other than myself and my mother has it? That it has a name? That it's not uncommon.
That felt great.

I feel so much better knowing that it has a name.

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